Help installing tflite-runtime


I’m trying to install tflite-runtime on a Raspberry Pi 3A+ running Ubuntu 20.04. My architecture is aarch64. I’m running Python 3.10.6.

python3 pip install tflite-runtime results in
ERROR: Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement tflite-runtime (from versions: none)

In looking at the documentation Inicio rápido para dispositivos basados ​​en Linux con Python  |  TensorFlow Lite
it says that there are prebuilt Python wheels for * Linux aarch64 (e.g. Raspberry Pi 3, 4 running Debian ARM64)

I’m not very OS savvy, so I must be missing something. But everything I have read shows that what I have should be supported.

This system is pretty much out of the box from a install straight from the Raspberry Pi flasher. All I have done is install python3-dev and python3-pip and upgrade pip.

Any help getting this installed would be appreciated.

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Hi @MABeatty1978 ,

Do you have numpy installed in your system?
Install numpy and try to install again tflite runtime checking some versions from here

You can do python3 -m pip install tflite-runtime and let the system decide what version of tflite-runtime is suitable for your system.

Get back with some feedback if that solved the issue.