Help me Please, I don't know where to start?

<Have a project, Dealings in (2-Months) have little to no coding Experience. Started C++ but Boredom was only Out-put in the In-put.

(1) What Opensource Computer Vision is best: OpenCV, EasyCV, Tensorflow, or other for my Project Application Function Needs below??

(2) What Program language is best to Learn your Recommend Opensource

(3) What Specific Codes, Library/ies, Module/s, I Need to be learning in your recommended Opensource.

Project Discretion -(Monitor & Detect Continuous Armed Attackers!!. within Hallway of Store & Multiple Storage rooms, from Shooting & lost of life) With little Armed UGV -(Mini Armed, Track/Tire Unmanned Group Vehicle) Please Help me. It’s a startup, Can’t afford Security Software Instillations or Gun yet. High fluctuating Currency Differences!!. The police are Helpless!!! & Headache!!.

List of Project Application Function Needs

✓ Facial Recognition

✓ Object Detection

✓ Motion Detection

✓ Gesture Recognition

✓ Sign language Recognition

✓ Action Recognition

✓ Speech Recognition

✓ Mission Planning-(Machine Learning)

✓ Situational Awareness-(Machine Learning)

✓ Info App Hub Integration IOS & Android

✓ Geography Map App Generation Integration IOS & Android>

Hi @anon22333409 in TensorFlow Hub their are lot of pretrained models that matches your list of project. you can use them without building your model from scratch. Thanks!