How can i continue training from last epoch?

I saved the history of training by

history =, epochs=epochs, steps_per_epoch=train_steps, 
verbose=1, callbacks=callbacks, validation_data=val_generator, 
with open('history_epochs.pkl', 'wb') as f:
    dump(history.history, f)

You have to first save your form model .fit to an history variable and then use it in the latter history
history_1 =, epochs=5)
to use it again,
history_2= data, epochs=10, initial epoch=history_1.epoch(-1) )
You can as well add your validation data too

Hi @sam_mohel, To continue training from last epoch you have to create the model checkpoints which stores the model weights, then you have to assign the last epoch weights to the new model (the new model should has same architecture as the previous model) and compile the model. If you train the model then the model will continue training from the last epoch.Please refer this working gist Thank You!