How can I get the pipeline name in TFX custom component?

Hi, all.

How can I get the pipeline name, while customizing my own component in TFX?

I checked if I customize BaseDriver, it is possible but not in some IR-based portable runner including KubeFlowDagRunner which is located in tfx/orchestration/portable/. And I also checked I can fetch run_id, pipeline_pb2.PipelineNode, or pipeline_pb2.PipelineInfo but not pipeline name.

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Can you help here @Robert_Crowe ?

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Since it’s a custom component, you can customize the inputs. When you create the pipeline, can you add the pipeline name as an input parameter to the component?

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I got it :slightly_smiling_face:
Actually that was a first approach to get the name. I thought it may be possible since some pipeline informations can be accessed in the custom component.

Thank you!!