How can I save a tensorflow3D model with semantic segmentation?

Hi, I’m new to Tensorflow and even Python. I’m interested in to use Tensorflow3D models to recognize something on mobile devices.

Before starting my problem question, can I use a tensorflow3D model on a mobile device in the first place? If so, I have a problem.

My problem is that I can’t save a model that is using semantic segmentation model, named “semantic_segmentation_model.” I’m struggled with saving the model just adding below code.
    callbacks=[backup_checkpoint_callback, checkpoint_callback],
    verbose=1 if FLAGS.run_functions_eagerly else 2)


# Added this by edom18"fileName")

This added code is in google-reserch/tf3d/ I just added last code after calling fit method. Then I got some errors like below.

ValueError: batch_size is unknown at graph construction time.
  In call to configurable 'train' (<function train at 0x7f3e476aee60>)

What should I know about that?

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