How can we implement Text to Speech tflite model in android studio?

I need help for my fyp where i train a model of text to speech in tflite formate. i want to implement this tflite model in android studio but the tensorflow guide is bit confusing. Is it possible to run text to speech tflite model in android app.

It is possible.
If you have already the tflite model please provide us the link to download and tell you our opinion.

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Thank you so much for replaying, :slightly_smiling_face:
But i don’t have Tlite model file. i need to write just a SRS for my FYP. I just need to understand is it feasible to run text to speech in android device using tensor-flow lite.
I know it is possible to build text to speech for English language in Tensor-flow but not sure about Tensor-flow Lite is able to run Text to Speech for Urdu Language in android.

Tensorflow Lite procedure is not different than Tensorflow. You have pre-processing, execution and post-processing. If it is OK with TensorFlow and you can convert to TFLite then you can apply the same procedures. You can use custom code or TensorFlow Lite Support Library to help you during the procedures

Thank you
Above Info will help me in my FYP, But
What about the text to speech in Urdu. Is Tensor-Flow and Tensor-Flow Lite give any functionality or support for machine learning on Urdu language text.

Basically I am building a text to speech model, In which Urdu language text is input and output is Urdu Speech of given text. I am planning to run this model on android device. I saw many Youtube videos about text to speech but they only support English language.
I just need to confirm about the Urdu language text as feature input in machine learning.

I really do not know about Urdu language. It is true that a lot of examples are in English language. You have to search specifically for this and if there is not an example you have to crete it yourself.

You can take a look at the adapting steps for your target language in: