How might AI impact the future of work, and what skills will be increasingly valuable in a world where AI is ubiquitous?

AI is poised to revolutionize the future of work by automating routine tasks, enhancing productivity, and creating new job opportunities. However, this transformation also demands a shift in the skill set required for success. Skills such as adaptability, creativity, critical thinking, emotional intelligence, and digital literacy will be increasingly valuable in a world where AI is ubiquitous. These skills enable individuals to collaborate effectively with AI systems, leverage their capabilities, and remain competitive in an evolving labor market.

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For a while, I think experts are going to still be relevant.

Eventually what the internet revolution did for AI now (aka lots of data on anything and everything), the AI Tools revolution (10xing experts) will eventually replace the experts.

But I think only if we optimize our hardware significantly.
I’m wondering if we will get organic neural nets to become common place.
Or just make our silicon stack as optimal as organic neurons.

Then I wonder if consciousness will just be a consequence of having enough neural nets working together.

But I’m pretty ignorant on neuro biology and how modern AI/Deep Learning works but hope to learn more.