How to create constants from list of doubles jvm

I have a list of doubles in scala and I want to convert it to constant for further processing , how would I go about that

By list, you mean a java.util.List? If so, you need to convert your list to an array of primitive doubles then pass it to the Constant op (or TFloat64 if you want to create a tensor that feeds a model). There are many ways of doing this. e.g. in Java,

Ops tf = Ops.create(...);
double[] array = -> x).toArray();
Constant<TFloat64> constant = tf.constant(array);
try (TFloat64 tensor = TFloat64.vectorOf(array)) { ... }

Whenever possible, you should try to work directly with primitive types rather than their boxed type though (i.e. double vs Double), performance gains can be substantial.

i am using the java version in scala would you mind telling me the import I need
this is my code right now

 var array_data = data.toArray
 val constant_ = Constant(array_data)

the data is a list of Doubles

also sorry for the noob question i just started using scala 2 weeks ago thank you immensely for your help :slight_smile:

No problem @ahmed_lone :wink:

Everything in the example I’ve provided is coming from the standard JDK (8+) and TensorFlow Java, nothing else should be required.

well when i run that code above it gives me this :

Oh you need to call tf.constant, not Constant directly.

import org.tensorflow.op.Ops;
import org.tensorflow.op.core.Constant;

Ops tf = Ops.create(); // this will use default eager session, but you might want to create a graph instead?

val test12: Constant[TFloat64] = tf.constant(array_data);

The Ops instance is the entry point for creating all ops