How to find a good first issue in Tensorflow Models

I am new to open-source contributions. I have used Tensorflow for some of my personal projects and want to contribute and give something back to the community. I am currently in search of some good first issues for me to tackle so I can get started specifically in the models repository. I search some the tags and found good first issue but it has no issues listed in it. Please help me find some good issues I will be greatly thankful.

Hello Nikhil and welcome to the tensorflow community! There are plenty of requests for contribution, mostly in the space of papers implementation. If that feels too much to start with, there are also some trivial tasks listed in the contribution guide of the models repo:

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Thanks for the reply @theofpa . I am looking forward to writing some blogs on some of the projects I have done using tensorflow as a start.
However, I would also appreciate if tensorflow model garden added some “good first issues” tags for beginners to begin with, that would be a huge help.
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Take a look also to: