How to get tensorflow with GPU support to work in jupyternotebook

Hello yall,

I was having some trouble getting tensorflow with GPU support to work in jupyternotebook. Here is my setup so far.

  1. Create a new conda environment
  2. Follow the setup on
  3. Install the nvidia-pypi package
  4. Install the nvidia-tensorrt package

However, it appears that tensorflow is only detecting my GPU in my python terminal, but not in my jupyternotebook.

Hi @Yash_Rachamalla,Once you have created a new environment, and installed all the CUDA packages you have to open the jupyter notebook from the same environment.

For example if you have created a new environment with the name tf and activated the tf you can install the jupyter notebook in the tf env from the terminal using pip install notebook.

After installing the notebook you can open the jupyter notebook by using the jupyter notebook command.

By following the above mentioned steps you can able to access the GPU in the Jupyter Notebook.

Thank You.