How to install older versions of tensorflow

How do I install tensorflow 2.2?


pip install tensorflow==2.2

will not do it. Also, using

conda install -c conda-forge TensorFlow==2.2

will not do it either.

There must be some way to install TensorFlow 2.2.

What is it?



Hi @James_Yunker if you have previously installed any other version of TensorFlow try uninstalling it first using( pip uninstall tensorflow) and then install the TensorFlow version you needed. If you still face any error please verify the TensorFlow dependencies for the required version here. Thanks.

I was able to install by pip install tensorflow==<version>. As Kiran mentioned, you might have Tensorflow in your computer. Please, consider uninstall existing tool and try again.

My runtime environment:
OS: Ubuntu 18.04
Virtual Environment
Python: 3.8