How to limit the cpu memory

Hi every one
I have two gpu cards(3090) to execute two different tensorflow(2.9.1) programs. Each of the programs may consume over half of cpu memory (512GB) on my computer.
When I executed the programs written in the functional API style( was used), the two programs carried out the training with cpu memory consumption around 90 %. However after I rewrote the programs in the subclassing style, the programs or the computer were stopped on the way after the cpu memory consumption of around 100%.
I tested to limit the buffersize in prefetch() and size in batch() in the pipline of the input data, however there is no effect.

How can I limit the cpu memory consumption in the subclassing style?
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Hi @Yuichiro_Morishita, As per my knowledge setting the memory limit on the CPU is not supported, currently it is only available on the GPU.As this is a feature request type of issue could you please create a issue on the github. Thank You

Dear Kiran

Thank you for your reply.
I will deal with the problem by increasing the swap memory.