How to load model from hugging face

Hey i trained a model in hugging face(wav2vec) it seems like pure tf doesn’t support it and i don’t wanna use Keras so any help with how i would go about loading it , thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Hi Ahmed,

do you have a saved_model file?
You don’t need to use the Keras API to load and use a model.

You can find more information here: Using the SavedModel format  |  TensorFlow Core

hey i have a h5 file at the moment, Hugging face hasn’t updated wav2vec with saved model format they said they will update but for now i am stuck with h5

h5 is a Keras specific format (as far as I know)
You can still use the tutorial I shared earlier to load it

thank you is there a way to convert h5 to the format I can use with TensorFlow serve?

yes you can.
There is some of that information on the page I posted earlier.
You can load the h5, save it as a saved_model and maybe add a serving signature (if the default is not good enough) and then do the serving.

There’s some more info here: Save and load Keras models  |  TensorFlow Core

thanks! I opened another question where I am havivg issues loading the h5 files