How to make predictions from _UserObject?

I am given a saved model, type"tensorflow.python.saved_model.load.Loader._recreate_base_user_object.._UserObject". How can I load this model to make predictions?

Hi @Speedy902, Once you have loaded the model, you can make the predictions using loaded_model(test_data). For example, i have a model trained on the fashion mnist dataset. Once i load the saved model using

loaded_model = tf.saved_model.load('/content/model')

The loaded_model will be the <tensorflow.python.saved_model.load.Loader._recreate_base_user_object.<locals>._UserObject at 0x7980ef4f57e0>

Now i can make predictions using

predictions = loaded_model(reshaped_test_images)

Please refer to this gist for complete code example. Thank You.