How to pass ValueError in Training

I am trying to have mobilenetv3 training with my own data. I am trying to pass below error

ValueError: Unknown split “train”. Should be one of []

As I understood, it is related to train data path but I couldn’t reach an information on solving this. The repo I am trying uses mnist data and does not provide path for it. Do you know which path was it taken from? and what if I should have used my own dataset?

My dataset contains the train and validate folder which have jpgs and xmls. Also I created csv file.

I think I have everything but I still couldn’t realize the training on mobilenetv3. What do you recommend?

Hi @murkoc. Can you please provide further detail? Are you following a tutorial available online? Can you show your code (at least the part that points to your dataset)? Where does your dataset sit?

This is a solved one. I just updated the tensorflow version and passed it.

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