How to plot model graph using keras plot_model function or model summary or anything similar?

I could not get the plot of model graph of tensorflow object detection models. It doesn’t even showup on tensorboard.
Is there any script to handle this? Where should I look for?

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Are you training/finetuning the model with
Did you set theTensorboard callback?

Doing few-shot training from object detection model zoo on the custom dataset.

Do you have the Tensorboard callback in fit?

There is no fit. it is trained on SSDMetaArch custom model generated from config file.
It would be quick if I could share links but I can’t.

I answered a similar question on StackOverflow: python 3.x - How to graph tf.keras model in Tensorflow-2.0? - Stack Overflow

In short, you can try to load your model in a function decorated with tf.function, execute the forward pass, and now that the execution of the function has been traced trying to plot the graph on TensorBoard using tf.summary.trace_export