How to start contributing to tensorflow

Hi all, I am a beginner here and want to know how to start contributing to this community . For now , I want to start contributing to docs so can anyone please guide me for this ?

for the Tensorflow core you can take a look at:


Hi @Bhack :wave: , first of all sorry for replying late (got busy somewhere else) ! now coming on to this, actaully i have gone through the docs and I found an excel sheet where tensorflow tasks are given so i want to know is this sheet still under consideration? can i start with that sheet for my first contribution?

For you reference this is the doc : tensoflow doc

Also, is there any way to first start with non-code contribution ?

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Hi Kavya,

Thanks for your interest in contributing to the the docs! Take a look through the issues list in the tensorflow/tensorflow repo and filter on the labels type:docs-bug or type:docs-featureHere’s that query

is this sheet still under consideration?

That list is from a previous community doc sprint project and is no longer in use. Just the GitHub issues, and the TensorFlow SIGs are also a good way to engage with the community and contribute to docs.


Hi billy :wave: ,
Thanks for your reply! I will surely lookout for the issues if any new one comes up as right now I can see most of them are assigned :sweat_smile: already but I will wait for new ones and also will go through that medium article and will surely ping you again in case any doubt/confusion occurs :sweat_smile:

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I can see most of them are assigned

As part of the triage process in GitHub, “assignee” is often used as a “cc” … to bring the issue to someone’s attention and not as a declaration of intent. So, good news, there’s plenty of docs bugs to fix :grinning:. Check the issue for references to outstanding pull requests. If in doubt, just ping the bug to say you intend to work on the issue.


oh ok! so you mean these are not really assigned and are available to others! ok then I will look into the available ones for sure . Thanks for your quick reply :pray:

Also, just a suggestion: if that list is not under consideration then it should be removed from the website to prevent any kind of confusion for beginners :sweat_smile:

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Is it linked from the website? Well, there ya go, your first issue can be to fix that :grinning:
You can find the “core” narrative guides/tutorials for the website in the tensorflow/docs repo. Just submit a pull request

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so, for this do i need to submit an issue first ? @billy but i guess issues tab is not there, so can you please brief out the steps ::sweat_smile:

Hi Kavya,

For one-off fixes you can submit a pull request without an issue. For larger changes, an issue helps to coordinate folks.

Hi Billy :wave:t2: ,
Also, that doc is not directly linked rather its linked through another doc which is “API Advice docs” under API Reference
so this "API Docs Advice - doc (which is a googledoc contains a link to that spreadsheet of tasks ) so do i still make a pr for this … also can you please show the path of api reference in the github repo if possible :sweat_smile:

Hey folks,
Slightly out of topic, but I would like to contribute to TensorFlow Ruby. Is there any good guide that I can refer, and work onto?

I don’t think that we still have an active Ruby project for TF.

There is this one by Andrew, which uses Ruby’s FFI. It would be great if any senior devs could help me out here with the implementation.

I know but there was no activity in the last three months.

Is It still actively developed?

Not that I can think of. Maybe because the maintainer is unable to spare some time. If I could get some guidance on initial plans, I can start contributing little.