How to visualize the save model in TensorBoard

I save a model and load it but I visualize this load model in TensorBoard. Is it possible then How?

Model summary option is quite handy for understanding the overall architecture and input transformation through the network. It also provides information like output feature map size and no of trainable parameters in each layer of the network.

Netron provides a very easy to use graphical user interface for visualizing machine learning or deep learning models by loading the .h5 file or .pb or .tflite etc.

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Thanks chunduriv, Netron gives architecture flow not visualization and I need visualization for my model. My model is built on Jupyter Notebbook.

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Do you want to integrate your Notebook with the Tensorboard visualization?

Thanks Bhack, but I want to visualize my save Models. I have many save models. I want to see the visualization result.

You could use:

Thanks Bhack, I try it but it cannot succeed it can visualize the model layers and I visualize the training and testing results for the save model then I search for a tool Hiplot. First, this tool is very slow, and second, I cannot understand how to visualize using this tool.

I don’t understand what are you looking for.