How would I run a pre-trained object detection TensorFlow model on an ESP-32 Cam

I am currently working on a project that will see my dog in a specific area in my house, it will beep for me. I made a prototype on a raspberry pi 4 and it worked great, but now I’m having trouble shrinking it down. I know an ESP-32 Cam is my best option since it has Bluetooth, WiFi, a camera, and is really cheap, but I’ve looked everywhere on how to do this, but am coming up with nothing. I know what I’m trying to do is perfectly possible, I just don’t think its been done before(well at least from what I’ve found from my countless google searches). I need TensorFlow to run independently on the ESP-32 without the need to be connected to a web browser(so no TensorFlow js that runs from the local IP address, unless if there’s a way to do it without having a separate device connected) I want to be able to just plug it into an outlet and it will start working. If you have any questions or confusion, don’t hesitate to ask. I need all the help I can get. Thanks.