I am getting an error I can't really fix

This is the code I am using

import nltk
from nltk.stem.lancaster import LancasterStemmer
stemmer = LancasterStemmer()
import pickle
import numpy
import tflearn
import tensorflow
import random
import json

with open(“intents.json”) as file:
data = json.load(file)

with open(“data.pickle”, “rb”) as f:
words, labels, training, output = pickle.load(f)
words = []
labels = []
docs_x = []
docs_y = []

for intent in data["intents"]:
    for pattern in intent["patterns"]:
        wrds = nltk.word_tokenize(pattern)

    if intent["tag"] not in labels:

words = [stemmer.stem(w.lower()) for w in words if w != "?"]
words = sorted(list(set(words)))

labels = sorted(labels)

training = []
output = []

out_empty = [0 for _ in range(len(labels))]

for x, doc in enumerate(docs_x):
    bag = []

    wrds = [stemmer.stem(w.lower()) for w in doc]

    for w in words:
        if w in wrds:

    output_row = out_empty[:]
    output_row[labels.index(docs_y[x])] = 1


training = numpy.array(training)
output = numpy.array(output)

with open("data.pickle", "wb") as f:
    pickle.dump((words, labels, training, output), f)


net = tflearn.input_data(shape=[None, len(training[0])])
net = tflearn.fully_connected(net, 8)
net = tflearn.fully_connected(net, 8)
net = tflearn.fully_connected(net, len(output[0]), activation=“softmax”)
net = tflearn.regression(net)

model = tflearn.DNN(net)

model.fit(training, output, n_epoch=1000, batch_size=8, show_metric=True)

And this is the error I am getting:

“C:\Users\Convertible Tablet\anaconda3\envs\chatbot\python.exe” “C:\Users\Convertible Tablet\PycharmProjects\chatbot\main.py”
2023-04-20 20:40:04.767682: W tensorflow/stream_executor/platform/default/dso_loader.cc:64] Could not load dynamic library ‘cudart64_110.dll’; dlerror: cudart64_110.dll not found
2023-04-20 20:40:04.768847: I tensorflow/stream_executor/cuda/cudart_stub.cc:29] Ignore above cudart dlerror if you do not have a GPU set up on your machine.
WARNING:tensorflow:From C:\Users\Convertible Tablet\anaconda3\envs\chatbot\lib\site-packages\tensorflow\python\compat\v2_compat.py:101: disable_resource_variables (from tensorflow.python.ops.variable_scope) is deprecated and will be removed in a future version.
Instructions for updating:
non-resource variables are not supported in the long term
WARNING:tensorflow:From C:\Users\Convertible Tablet\anaconda3\envs\chatbot\lib\site-packages\tflearn\initializations.py:165: calling TruncatedNormal.init (from tensorflow.python.ops.init_ops) with dtype is deprecated and will be removed in a future version.
Instructions for updating:
Call initializer instance with the dtype argument instead of passing it to the constructor
2023-04-20 20:40:08.656565: W tensorflow/stream_executor/platform/default/dso_loader.cc:64] Could not load dynamic library ‘nvcuda.dll’; dlerror: nvcuda.dll not found
2023-04-20 20:40:08.657278: W tensorflow/stream_executor/cuda/cuda_driver.cc:269] failed call to cuInit: UNKNOWN ERROR (303)
2023-04-20 20:40:08.670138: I tensorflow/stream_executor/cuda/cuda_diagnostics.cc:169] retrieving CUDA diagnostic information for host: DESKTOP-KOCSDHE
2023-04-20 20:40:08.670475: I tensorflow/stream_executor/cuda/cuda_diagnostics.cc:176] hostname: DESKTOP-KOCSDHE
2023-04-20 20:40:08.673838: I tensorflow/core/platform/cpu_feature_guard.cc:142] This TensorFlow binary is optimized with oneAPI Deep Neural Network Library (oneDNN) to use the following CPU instructions in performance-critical operations: AVX AVX2
To enable them in other operations, rebuild TensorFlow with the appropriate compiler flags.

Process finished with exit code 0

Hi @Endora_0, This is not an error, it is a warning which tell you that certain optimizations are on for you by default and if you want even more optimizations you can recompile TF to get even more performance optimizations.

Process finished with exit code 0 means that the code ran correctly.

Thank You.