I save a model in AutoKeras but it cannot loaded

I save a model in AutoKeras but it cannot loaded and try my best but not solved.

NotImplementedError: Save or restore weights that is not an instance of tf.Variable is not supported in h5, use save_format='tf' instead. Received a model or layer MultiCategoryEncoding with weights [<keras.layers.preprocessing.index_lookup.VocabWeightHandler object at 0x7fc7a7a96e50>, <keras.layers.preprocessing.index_lookup.VocabWeightHandler object at 0x7fc7a6a3a910>,

In order to expedite the trouble-shooting process, please provide a stand alone code to reproduce the issue reported here. Thanks!

Yes Chunduriv, I post an image to understand the code. But it cannot be posted images in the message. I cannot understand Why? I raise a question and sent a message to the moderators group and still, no answer came, and did not give any action for this problem. I mail to this email help@tensorflow.org
but the email was not sent. If any have a valid email, please sent it to me.

You should not post code as an image because code in images cannot be copied and pasted into an editor and compiled in order to reproduce the problem. For more details please refer here.

Thanks chunduriv, but the first two post images was included in the message and they do not show any problem.