I want to help TF#40074 move forward

Hi, community!

For research purposes, I started looking into tf.autodiff.ForwardProp. However, I have also noticed that supporting batches of tangents inside the function are not yet fully implemented. I saw that there has been some awesome work on this topic from a GSOC student last year, and I would like to bring it to an end or bring it forward at least!

However, it is worth noting that I am also a student, and I would need some support on the matter.


Welcome to the TF forum,
Can you try to comment on the ticket as I don’t think Allen is on the forum.

/cc @markdaoust

I have reached out to Allen directly, and unfortunately he said that he is not working on TF anymore.

Friendly thread bump :slight_smile:

Another friendly bump.
Am I doing this wrong? I really would like to contribute, but without any kind of support, it’s going to be extremely difficult to follow up.

The Pytorch community has been doing very fast steps lately on this very topic, and perhaps there is something that we could learn from their approach.

@markdaoust Do you know someone in this are that could join in the thread?

Hi! @Bhack @markdaoust any new developments?

I don’t see any new team member Active on this file:

Do you have an idea of the scope of the work that’s necessary here?

There is a process for design-reviews in TensorFlow:

But I guess that without a sponsor from the core team you’re somewhat stuck at the “Recruit a sponsor from the maintainers of the project”.

Yes and I suppose the forum is the best place where we could collect an early feedback from a maintainer before preparing an RFC with its own overhead (/cc @thea).

But as our CODOWNERS on github is partially maintained who is maintaining this component now? Can we mention him in this thread?

P.s. I’ve already made another ping on the github issue.