Inference pipeline examples

Hi community
I am doing research about autoscaling of ML inference pipelines. Currently I am looking for examples, repos or datasets of real-world examples of ML inference pipelines, I was wondering if anyone could provide me real-world examples of inference pipelines being used in production or are used as benchmarks? e.g. for microservices GitHub - clowee/MicroserviceDataset: Microservice Dependency Graph Dataset there is this dataset of microservices graphs with the links to the repos but I wasn’t able to find something similar for the ml inference graphs. There is this work that is based on some Google dataset training pipelines [2103.16007] Production Machine Learning Pipelines: Empirical Analysis and Optimization Opportunities but unfortunately it is not open source. whether if you know some examples of real-world repos or a metadata dataset of the graphs both will be super helpful to me.


maybe @Robert_Crowe might know some examples