[Info Need]: Transforming Panorama Image (360*) to 2D Flat Projection

I am searching for a method to create a 2D flat image extracted from a panorama or 360-degree image. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any catching literature on this. Could you please share some if possible?

I tried GIMP software and the results are quite interesting (details) , a show below (right: 360 degree, left: 2D flatten image). I had to try this with software and the python plug in (python-fu), I think is not maintained.

Do you want the software or just to understand the possibile representations?


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The possible representation. I’m not sure but I think I need a panorama projection.


(few output of panorama projection)

I was also searching technique from Module: tfg.geometry.representation  |  TensorFlow Graphics.

I need to look for a way to transform an equirectangular panorama into a cube map representation. (a relevant paper)

Thanks, @Bhack for the above references.