Install tflite-model-maker on raspberry pi

hi, I want to use tflite-model-maker on my raspberry pi, when I try to install it I get an error that I need to install TensorFlow. Sadly you cant install TF on a pi so how do you fix this?

why do you want to instal model maker on raspberry pi?
do you want to train a model on it? or do you want to use a model on it?

i wanna use it for text classification.

Tensorflow is better than OpenCV for some use cases and OpenCV is better than Tensorflow in some other use cases. Tensorflow’s points of strength are in the training side. OpenCV’s points of strength are in the deployment side, if you’re deploying your models as part of a C++ application/API/SDK.

so, you don’t need to install model maker on the raspeberry pi.

You use Model Maker to train a text classifier. This will generate a model. This model you use (with TensorFlow Lite) on the raspeberry pi

What you can do is:

  • Use Colab to train a model with Model Maker
  • Download the model to your machine
  • Push the model to raspeberry pi and your app that uses it
  • Use the model

Does it makes sense?

Yes a lot more, I already created the model so that is great. Now only the code for the classification and I am done. Sadly that was the part I was really struggling with.

Whats the error you are getting? Is it about avx missing or something like that

No, not something to do with that