Integrating tf.recommender with TFX pipeline ran on kubeflow

I am currently working on integrating a tf.recommender model into an existing TFX pipeline to provide on-service recommendations. I am quite new to both TFX and tf.recommender and am not seeing any resources on integrating the two. I want to be sure I am implementing best practices–in particular with TFT and TFMA. Does anyone know of existing docs that may help me with this, or better yet, existing example pipelines?


maybe @Robert_Crowe have some links to share

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@Robert_Crowe Do you happen to have any relevant info on this topic or know where I could look?

Just to note that this Is in the scope of Recommenders Addons:

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Thanks for pointing this out @Bhack. This is what prompted me to reach out as it indicates that there are existing docs.