Intending to participate in GSOC through tensorflow

TensorFlow Developers,

My name is Rukaiya Bano,

I am currently pursuing my Bachelor of Engineering from Samrat Ashok Technological Institute in the branch Artificial Intelligence and Data Science.

I want to participate in GSoC 2023 (TensorFlow). I am interested in ML and Deep learning I would like to contribute to your organization’s projects. I have knowledge of Git along with GitHub. I am familiar with using C++ and Python and I would rate myself a 4 out of 5 in both the skills. I have a good knowledge of data structured and algorithms which can help me in levelling up my code.

I have made several projects using Deep Learning like Image Classifier where I made use of Convolutional Neural Networks, I have made prediction models where I used the Dense layers and sequence models where I have used the LSTM and RNN layers. I am also a certified professional TensorFlow developer by Coursera, DeepLearning.AI .

Please advice me the procedure and guidance for the steps to be followed to be a contributor in this domain.

My Github profile link is : rukaiya-rk-24 (Rukaiya Bano) · GitHub


TensorFlow Developers team.

Hi @rukaiya_rk24, you have apply it in the Google Summer of Code website for the tensorflow organization, then google will review all the proposals and then select the students who can participate in the program. Thank You.

Thank You @Kiran_Sai_Ramineni