Introducing my GSOC 2022 project for TF-Hub

Hello Everyone,

I am Mohammad Shoaib and I am from Bangladesh. I have been selected as a Google Summer of Code 2022 contributor for TensorFlow. I will be building a Collection of Video Swin Transformers for TF-Hub. My mentors are Luiz GUStavo Martins and Sayak Paul. I am looking forward to having a great experience.

I am new to this forum. I will ask questions here whenever I get stuck and I will also try to answer the questions of others.


@Mohammad_Shoaib congrats on GSOC selection.
Along with the tf-hub, it would be also great to consider importing to keras.applications or keras_cv as well.

Ref. Video Swin-Transformer:

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Thank you @innat
Also thank you for the idea of importing to Keras. I will look into it.