Is it possible to generate "chaotic" graph using machine learning?

Hey guys. I made a numerical simulation of the “chua circuit”, thus generating a “chaotic” graph.

In the next step, I would like to use machine learning to map the behavior of curves.

In the circuit simulation, 3 variables were generated, I already did the heavy part of creating Variavel_ENTRADA and Variavel_SAIDA.

Studying I discovered that it is possible to do the project with RECURRING NEURAL NETWORKS.

I saw that TensorFlow facilitates the process, someone could give me a “light” with an article that is close so I can move forward with the project.

Hi @Dionatan_Resende

Welcome to the TensorFlow Forum!

Please provide some more details on the issue along with the minimal reproducible code to replicate and understand the issue.

You can refer to this Time series forecasting and Working with RNNs doc to understand about the TensorFlow’s Recurrent neural networks (RNN). Thank you.