Is tensorflow==2.9.0 compatible with cuda 11.8

Hi, I’d like to install cuda 11.8 for tf==2.9.0 on win10. I know the cuda version for tf==2.9.0 is recommended as 11.2 from Tensorflow offical website. While I need a higher cuda version fo pytorch as well. So Could anyone please share your experience on this?

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Yes, it is possible that Tensorflow 2.9.0 may work with CUDA 11.8, but this has not been officially tested or supported by the TensorFlow team. You may need to manually build Tensorflow from source with CUDA 11.8 support. For more details please refer to Build from source on Windows  |  TensorFlow

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Thank you for your suggestion.

I uninstalled the gpu driver and cuda and reinstalled a newer driver and cuda 11.7 (since cuda 11.8 is not compatible with tesla p4, so chose 11.7) and the latest cudnn for cuda 11.7. It works with tf v2.9 as well as torch v 2.0.