Is there a plan to update KubeflowDagRunner to inherit IrBasedRunner?

Hi, all.
I have a question about TFX KubeflowDagRunner.

Currently, in TFX, LocalDagRunner and BeamDagRunner inherit IrBasedRunner which is located in tfx.orchestration.portable.tfx_runner, so we can serialize the desired pipelines as IRs and run them with only UDFs (i.e. run_fn or preprocess_fn of Trainer and Transform components) with run_with_ir method.
But I can’t do the same thing with the KubeflowDagRunner (or KubeflowV2DagRunner), because they don’t inherit IrBasedRunner. I checked KubeflowDagRunner is using TFX IR internally.

So my question is, is there a plan to update existing pipeline runners (especially, KubeflowDagRunner) to inherit IrBasedRunner?

Always thanks for developing and maintaining this great project :+1:

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I think @Robert_Crowe might be able to help here

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