Is there a Special character that represents a word like a city name?

Hi, i am working on a small AI for sentence recognition. I am curious if there is a special character that will not be trained but is seen as a thing that can be anything.

For instance: In what country lays new york.
new york can be anything so is there a way to say with a word of a special character that means:
new york can be anything
I use yml as the file for all the data. it is structured below

  - command:
    input: In what country lays ...
    entity: place
    action: getCountry

I did do a small test where I trained the model with this sentence:

  - command:
    input: where lays {}?
    entity: place
    action: getPlace

when I tested it it did come out right:

where lays Amsterdam
Text: “where lays amsterdam” is classified as “place\getPlace”

But IDK if this Is because of the first two words of not.

I work in python version 3.8.10
I work with tensorflow 2.7.0

I hope to hear from you.