Is there a tutorial to learn object detection using pycharm?

Hi, to get started, I am relatively new to programming as a whole, so that might explain why I’m struggling so much but I still hope I can get some help.

I saw that you can use TensorFlow for object detection and I wanted to try it out and mess around with it to see what I can do with it. But I can’t even get started because whenever I try install all the required components I keep getting errors. I just recently realized that I can use the interpreter settings to install TensorFlow but I can’t install the other necessary programs to get it working so I so that knowledge hasn’t helped that much.

So all this boils down to is there a tutorial out there specifically for pycharm? And if not, is this an appropriate place to ask for help with my errors?


I don’t know if there’s a Pycharm specific tutorial but what I’d do instead is try using Colab.
It’s easier to get your env correct and to install all the dependencies to play with OD.

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