Is there a way to pause bazel task used for testing Tensorflow

First forgive me if these questions are childish. I Searched google for answers but failed, so I came here.

I am trying to set up TensorFlow development environment to contribute to opensource TensorFlow. let me first explain what I did so that I can explain my question better.

  1. first I forked TensorFlow and cloned it into my local machine.

  2. pulled the docker file tensorflow/build:2.15-python3.10 and started it in my docker.
    mounted the TensorFlow working directory to the docker container with the following command:

    docker run -it --rm -v $PWD:/tmp -w /tmp tensorflow/build:2.15-python3.10

  3. now in the docker container ran the following command to test a specific target:

    Bazel test tensorflow/python/kernel_tests/nn_ops:softmax_op_test

  4. Bazel started executing with the following info:

    INFO: Analyzed 2 targets (604 packages loaded, 41543 targets configured).
    INFO: Found 2 test targets…

  5. Now let me come to my question. I have a low spec pc and it seems the task will take at least 10 hours. and if I exit with ctrl + c and start again the task starts from the beginning

my questions:

  1. is there any way to pause and resume Bazel actions so that I can resume again from where I left off?
  2. after the actions are complete if I stop the running docker container and run it again later will Bazel start from beginning like it is doing now.

Hi @ArkadebMisra, As far as i know i don’t think it is possible to pause and resume the test. Thank You.

sorry for the late reply. Thanks for confirming it. Now allow me to go and cry in the corner!:smiling_face_with_tear: