Is there python bindings for tf-opt?

Hello, I am new to MLIR, and trying to lower tf dialect to MHLO dialect.
I have done this by tf-opt command and worked.

The problem is, I want to use tf-opt with python binding.
Is there any way to use tf-opt with python, or integrate it with LLVM’s MLIR build?
I know MLIR-HLO project can be integrated with llvm-project/mlir. Would the similar way be possible?

Thank you!

There is an experimental API to import a GraphDef and run passes: tensorflow/ at master · tensorflow/tensorflow · GitHub

It does not provide directly tf-opt in the sense that the input has to be a GraphDef. What would be an example of a python API you’d want to see?

Actually, my primary goal is to lower tf dialect to hlo dialect.
I was doing this with the following command:

../bazel-bin/tensorflow/compiler/mlir/tf-opt --tf-to-hlo-pipeline savedmodel.mlir -o hlo.mlir

So even if there is no tf-opt for python, it would be OK as long as there is an API that can apply this --tf-to-hlo-pipeline pass to tf dialect.

Thanks for your reply!