Issue in installing tflite-model-maker in Google Colab

When I use colab to run the image classification example, when I run to the command: !sudo apt -y install libportaudio2 !pip install -q tflite-model-maker, it took a long time to install dependent packages, and finally reported an error because of insufficient hard disk space, my hard disk has 107.7G, why is it not enough to install dependent packages, what should I do? Is it useful to upgrade colab pro?

It prompts that the disk space is insufficient, upgrade pro or delete files, what should I do?

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I upgraded to colab pro and tried to install tflite-model-maker, but still the same issue. It took forever to install, and then it showed insufficient disk space.
I tried to use fallback runtime version, but it is not available.
Iā€™m doing my school assignment, will the issue be fixed anytime soon?
Or should I just use tensorflow instead to train my model?

If the installation of tflite-model-maker and tflite-support in Google Colab is causing issues and running indefinitely, consider troubleshooting by ensuring a stable internet connection.

Additionally, clear the Colab output cell to prevent log buildup that may slow down or stall the installation process. If the problem persists, you can try installing the packages on your local machine or another environment to see if the issue is specific to Colab.

Check for any recent updates or changes in the packages that might affect the installation process, and consult community forums or documentation for further assistance.