Issue with installation, suspected cuDNN problem

Hi there,

I am in the process of installing tensorflow through conda environment. So far, I’ve successfully installed Visual Studio, NVIDIA TOOLKIT and NVIDIA cuDNN.
When in conda command prompt after activating my environment if I run the command nvcc --version, an expected response is given (returns the version 11.2 which I installed). However, when I run nvidia-smi, I get " ‘nvidia-smi’ is not recognized as the name of acmdlet, function, script file, or operable program"

In terms of my installation of cuDNN, I downloaded the package and then copied over the bin, include and lib folders in the v11.2 folder of CUDA of NVIDIA Computing Toolkit folder. I installed the 8.1 version, and created my environment with python 3.8. It’s the same error after having uninstalled and reinstalled everything. Please help?


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Have you followed the steps as described here?

Thank you!