Keras Community Meeting (11AM PT, Friday April 1st)

We are organizing a Keras community meeting to share our latest updates.

It is a 1-hour online meeting at 11AM PT, Fri, Apr 1st. Anyone can join.

Join this Google group to have this and future events on your calendar.

We will be using Google Meet as the tool for video conference.
You will find the link in the calendar event.
For your convenience, I also paste it here : )


Thank you,
can you update the agenda before the meeting?

[Public] SIG Keras Meeting Agenda and Notes - Google Docs

It could be nice If we could start to have again regular meeting notes like the other groups/SIGs in the TF ecosystem:

We decide not to keep a note to reduce the overhead, which also makes it easier to keep running the meeting. The staled notes are removed the from the meeting events.

Any important issue discovered during the meeting will be noted and tracked in a bug tracking system.

For the meeting agenda, I will try to send it in the email notification next time.

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The important thing is that there is a way to follow what has been discussed even for those who cannot attend the single meeting.
Since we aspire to a global community it is important to maintain maximum accessibility to meetings contens also because the choice of a meetings date and time can hardly satisfy all time zones.