Keras-cv, keras-nlp, keras applications, models garden

Can someone give a general overview about the models request we are collecting on Keras-cv?
What kind of relationship we will have between this, models garden, tf.keras.applications namespace and “marginally” TFHUB?

I would be really nice to disambiguate a little bit this topic to avoid duplication, fragmentation and confusion about the contribution path in the TF ecosystem and to optimize the external contributors resources.

We have already have some historically pinned tickets about models garden community requests and help wanted requests at:

Useful for the context

See also other community members comments like @sebastian-sz :

Or our thread at:

/cc @thea @yarri-oss @lgusm @Luke_Wood @Jaehong_Kim @Scott_Zhu

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Thanks Bhack for the question.

We will have some readme/contribution guild available on the keras-cv github project to provide more details about what’s the difference between keras-cv/model garden/keras.applications/tf-hub.


P.s. I suppose that we could extend this topic as is also on keras-nlp or more generally to any other multi-modal/omni network that is hard to constrain in a specific cv/nlp/etc. domain.

See also:

Keras-cv Now we have:

I will add some inline comments