Keras Inference vs Training Results

Hello, this is my first time here, so please correct me if I’m in the wrong forum.

I’m using a custom layer that scales the result of a Dense layer between 0 and 1:

class BoundingBoxNumber(tf.keras.layers.Layer):

	def __init__(self, self_input_shape):

		self.input_shape_custom = self_input_shape

		self.input_shape_accu = 1

		for item in self_input_shape:
			self.input_shape_accu *= item

		self.internal_dense_layer = tf.keras.layers.Dense(1, activation = 'tanh')

	def call(self, inputs):

		inputs = tf.keras.layers.Flatten()(inputs)

		inputs.set_shape((1, self.input_shape_accu))

		output = self.internal_dense_layer(inputs)


		output = tf.divide(output, 2)

		output = tf.math.add(output, 0.5)


Then I’m using a custom training loop:

for epoch in range(50):

	print("Epoch:", epoch, "of 50")

	average_loss = 0

	for iter, item in enumerate(image):
		num_bounding_boxes = tf.shape(bb[iter])[0]

		float_target = tf.cast(1/num_bounding_boxes, tf.float32)

		with tf.GradientTape() as tape:

			logits = dense_bb_num_layer(item)
			loss = NumLoss(logits, float_target)

			print("Logits:", logits, "Target:", float_target, "Loss:", loss)

		average_loss += loss

		call_gradients = tape.gradient(loss, dense_bb_num_layer.trainable_weights)

		call_optimizer.apply_gradients(zip(call_gradients, dense_bb_num_layer.trainable_weights))

	average_loss /= len(image)


and custom loss function:

def NumLoss(logits, expected):

	return((logits - expected)**2)

When running the layer in the custom training loop, the result is always exactly 0 or 1, whereas when it is outside (just calling BoundingBoxNumber()(input), I get a random float, as expected). My training data are all floats between 0 and 1, none of them are exactly zero or one.