Kernel Crashed VS code

When i use tensorflow-gpu to run CNN model, my vscode kernel crashed. Is there anyone to figure me out for solving this problem. I installed Cuda 11.5 and cudnn.


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Which version of Tensorflow are you using?

Please try to install as per Tested Build configurations and if the issue still continues please share standalone to replicate the issue. Thank you!

Oky ,Sir. I will do and then check

Sir, I am using Windows 11 . But from the tensorflow the latest version of Tensorflow-GPU suggests to download Cuda 11.2 which shows only windows 10 version of download. What i do now?

Windows 10 installer is going to work just fine under Windows 11. Have you tried that?

Which version of Tensorflow are you using?

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Thank you, Sir. Now all are working well

I am glad that this has been resolved.