Local image + y values from pkl file

I have a directory (dataset) that contains sub directory (each one contains 40 images), the name of sub directory is referring to a 5 float values that can be taken from a pkl file, the pkl file is a dictionary like this:
{“label1”: {“sub_folder_name1”: 0.2535}, {“sub_folder_name2”: 0.2535}, {“sub_folder_name3”: 0.2535},
“label2”: {“sub_folder_name1”: 0.4004}, {“sub_folder_name2”: 0.2535}, {“sub_folder_name3”: 0.2535}}

for example for the name sub_folder_1 the y value will be [0.2535, 0.4004]
and so on

features = images
labels = y values ( float )
it s a kind of regression task, not classification.

How to load all images in a dataset with their correspending y values from pkl file?
Thank you

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