Looking for a mentor

I want to contribute to the Tensorflow project but because this project is huge and complex I need a mentor to guide me and make me part of some team ?

Welcome to the TF forum. What do you want to contribute? Do you have already a dev environment?

/cc @thea @Joana

I have experience with linux and some experience with embedded and small amount of experience with HPC(high performance computing).
To be more specific I am interested in the following groups:
SIG TFX-Addons

Do you have already a dev environment?

Yes. I am on Ubuntu 20.04 and since Tensorflow 1.12 I have build the project multiple times ,sometimes by making small modifications of the code .

also if It is still not strictly standardized across all the ecosystem repositories you could find a “contribution welcome” or “good first issue” labels in our GitHub Issues.
If you find an issue that you like please add a comment there to check if the team is still interested to review a PR and when confirmed you could try to shortly describe your proposed solution and submit a PR.

I suggest you to partecipate to the SIGs meetings.
A few of these are already announced in the forum as you can see in the SIG category (/cc @thea @Joana I hope the all the SIGs could soon anounce all the next meetings in the forum to have a complete converage)

You contribution it is appreciated also replying to the help requests on this forum or posting new topics.

Finally remember to take a look at: Contribute to the TensorFlow community

And check also the README.MD and CONTRIBUTING.MD of the specific repository.

They could have quite uneven contents but we are trying to standardized these with a common template across all the ecosystem repos:

More in general, If you have any feedback to share on the contributing documentation or about any aspect of the contributing process please write a comment here.

Thanks for the reply.
Yes I am looking for “contribution welcome” or “good first issue” labels and I already have contributed to one small suggestion but for the others the framework is too complex for me to make any meaningful contribution.In this case I will need some one to guide me.
Also I have been to several SIGs meetings but it looks like that I have to expose my desire to contribute more :slight_smile: . For helping the other I do this form time to time but I guess I will have to do this more often

Have you already tried to interact with the team on these specific tickets?
E.g. you could start to discuss your doubts or some rought implementation details there before writing a PR.

For some specific subcomponent you can always try to open a thread here to have some tecnhical clarification (using help_dev and contributing tags).

For large changes we require to submit and discuss an RFC but probably a preliminar general discussion on the forum it is strongly suggested:

Good idea .I think that my main problem is that I am bit shy.

Hey @Valko_Milev I also want to contribute and learn. I have ubuntu 20.04 environment. Could you tell what resources you are following?