Looking for Mentorship and Collaboration with Developers Experienced in Generative Models and Published Papers

Hello everyone,

I hope you all doing well. I’m Abhas, an enthusiastic TensorFlow developer with a strong interest and experience in working with generative models, specifically Transformers, vision, and GPT. I have been self-learning and implementing various techniques in this field, as showcased in my GitHub repository: abhaskumarsinha (Abhas Kumar Sinha) · GitHub

I’m reaching out to this community in search of guidance, mentorship, and potential collaboration opportunities with experienced developers who have written published papers in conferences like NeurIPS, ICML, ICLR, and others. I greatly admire the work that has been presented in these conferences and I’m eager to learn from the experts in this field.

In terms of my experience, I have successfully implemented and fine-tuned generative models, and I believe I can contribute effectively to ongoing research projects. I’m currently working on the implementation of LoRA (Low-rank Adaptation method to fine-tune LLMs on low-resource devices) as there is no implementation on TensorFlow for now. If there are any open research positions, coding tasks, or projects where my skills and expertise could be of value, I would be thrilled to be a part of them. I’m passionate about expanding my knowledge and working alongside researchers who share my enthusiasm.

If you are an experienced developer, researcher, or anyone knowledgeable in this field, and you’re interested in guiding or collaborating with someone who is eager to learn and contribute, please reach out to me. I’m also available for any interviews or discussions to provide more information about my skills and experiences.

Best Regards,