Machine Learning and meducal imagistics

Hello community,
I’m total newbie in the field, and my goal is to experiment some things in mefical imagistics, especially in realtime (ultrasound)
I’m wondering how possible it is to reduce noise / speckles in images using ML.
I evfn dream about increasing resolution by doing several “scans” repeatedly and processing images to get a better one (thus not realtime)
Specialised articles are a bit tricky for me…
Any insight or direction will be a delight to read
I’m also interested in 3d reconstruction of organ (not external surface but slucing it for further interpretation, i started to read about it cf 3dslicer)
Thank you!

Hi @Victor.A

Welcome to the TensorFlow Forum!

Please refer to this TensorFlow doc on 3D image classification from CT scans which will be helpful to you in this issue. Thank you.