Minifying tensorflow for deployment?

I am trying to deploy a desktop application with Tensorflow (with Python and Briefcase), but the installed wheel has almost 900MiB on disk. Are there ways to make this lighter?

  1. I experimented erasing the entire /include subdirectory, which saved more than 100 MiB, apparently without ill effects. Will that explode in my face later on? I’m also considering deleting /lite , gaining another 15 MiB.

  2. More than half the space is occupied by a single file,, at 515 MiB. Is there any way of making this smaller (maybe recompiling Tensorflow from the source with custom options?)

  3. The only other “obvious” candidate is another binary,, at 58 MiB. I removed it without immediate effects. Will that explode in my face later?

Yes the TF library is still quite monolithic:


And this (also if it is a little bit in an unknown status):

In the meantime, if you need this just for inference and without python, you can explore:


Then probably we will have some improvement in the future running a pretrained networks in the new TFRT runtime. But it is hard to understand the timing:

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If you can rely on a client-server approach you can always remove the model from your desktop app and use: