Missing header files for the Hello World example

Based on the Get started with microcontroller page’
Get started with microcontrollers | TensorFlow Lite

To port the model to the microcontroller, below header files are needed:
#include “tensorflow/lite/micro/examples/hello_world/model.h”
#include “tensorflow/lite/version.h”

However, the above files do not exist in the tensor flow lite micro repo:
tflite-micro/tensorflow/lite/micro/examples/hello_world at main · tensorflow/tflite-micro (github.com)

Also, the hello_world_test.cc requires:
#include “tensorflow/lite/micro/examples/hello_world/hello_world_model_data.h”

This file is also not included in the tensorflow lite for microcontroller repo.
Can we clean up these inconsistencies?

Hello, the header file you mentioned will be generated during the make process. If you can not finish the make process, that is because of some other errors.
I had the same question but solved yesterday. :grin: