ML PAT: The OG Lens

Hi everyone. I hope everyone is learning & doing great in their domains.

I am sharing a project that I made recently and I am glad to share that I used the yolo object detection tflite model in this project that lifted this project to greater heights.

I have made a lens that uses Machine Learning and incorporates an AR game that can be used as a lens. The lens can be found here

Through this lens, I tried to revive the game of Name, Place, Animal & Thing and digitalize it such that everyone can experience this simple & yet effective game. I bet you must haven’t this sort of lens before. YOLO algorithm is used for multi-object detection & the game section is made keeping design aesthetics & logic in mind.
Try it out and do tell me how you perceive it :blush:

Explanatory video

Not only this, but I have also made a variant of the game that is using persistent cloud storage to enable the users to start from where he/she left off. I haven’t published that lens yet but I have made the working video for that also and that can be found here

By the way, this was the first lens that I made using lens studio and I hope that it turned out decently good :crossed_fingers:t2:

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This looks great!

I think it would be good to write your experience using a TFLite model with the lens framework, that would help other developers. What do you think?

Thanks @lgusm . Yup, I had a lot of fun while integrating it with the lens. Will surely drop a detailed process of what I did to make it :+1:

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