Model type of Vertex AI Edge

I trained my customized model with Vertex AI ( Edge) and exported it. I got the dict.txt and the .tflite files.
I’m wondering what is the type of the model to fill in : SSDMobileNet ? YOLO? other ?
Is this field mandatory?

var output = await Tflite.detectObjectOnImage(
path: blockFile.path,
//model: “SSDMobileNet”,
numResultsPerClass: 10, // defaults to 5
threshold: 0.5,
imageMean: 127.5,
imageStd: 127.5,
blockSize: 20,
numBoxesPerBlock: 5,

Thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

(coding with Flutter/Dart)

Solution find!
outputs of my model were not aligned with thoses of TFlite…