Modern Convolutional Neural Networks in TensorFlow

Hi Everyone,

I am pleased to share with you the revisions and implementations of the following 13 Modern Convolutional Neural Networks Architectures:

  • AlexNet
  • VGG
  • GoogLeNet
  • ResNet
  • ResNeXt
  • Xception
  • DenseNet
  • MobileNetV1
  • MobileNetV2
  • EfficientNet
  • RegNet
  • ConvMixer
  • ConvNeXt

All 13 CNN architectures, their summaries, their implementations, intro to CNN notes, a minimal guide on how to choose a CNN architecture for a given problem, and further resources for learning CNNs can be found here.

All architectures are implemented in TensorFlow mostly using Keras Functional API.


Annotated papers and implementations are a great combo. Thanks for sharing. Hope to see more models. -)

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Thank you. It was easier annotating papers as I implement them.

I will do my best to keep it updated with more latest models